Air, Water and Fire Compliance Awareness Seminars

The problem with some challenges is that they’re invisible day to day. Either they are hidden away inside ductwork, as with fire dampers or grease in kitchen extract systems; or they are genuinely undetectable to the naked eye, as in the case of legionella bacteria in water.

Staying safe, and on the right side of the law, has far more to do with regular, strong compliance processes than with crisis management skills. In fact, robust compliance can help you avoid a crisis altogether – and that can also mean avoiding prosecution for negligence.

We can help you understand how to avoid your invisible crisis; whether your challenge is in ventilation ductwork cleanliness, legionella prevention, fire damper testing or kitchen extract ductwork and help you stay compliant with all your SFG20 requirements in air and water hygiene.

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We will take you through the recent changes to L8 concerning the control of Legionella bacteria in water systems and how we can help you to ensure that your properties remain healthy, safe, legal and compliant.


We can cover any or all of these topics depending on your personal requirements:

Kitchen extract fire safety

Grease deposits in kitchen extract ductwork are extremely flammable and can cause fires. Grease-laden ductwork all too often acts as a channel through which fire can spread to other parts of the property, and even to neighbouring homes and businesses. We will explain your responsibilities and how to avoid this serious fire risk.

Fire damper drop testing

Your ventilation system, including your fire dampers need to be fit for purpose and to comply with the newly updated BS9999:2017 which states that all fire dampers must be tested and maintained annually. We will help you to remain compliant.

Ventilation ductwork testing and cleaning

We will cover all three sets of guidance – the updated version of the leading industry guidance document TR/19 issued by BESA (British Engineering Services Association); British Standard and European Norm BSEN:15780; and BG49/2013, BSRIA’s guide on Commissioning Air Systems on the way to ensure appropriately clean ductwork both at commissioning stage and during service to ensure safer and healthier buildings.


We can run our courses to suit your requirements and timescales. They can be for as many or as few members of your team as you wish (up to a maximum of 20).

Depending on how much time you have available, courses can be scheduled from 2 hours up to a full day.


Our seminars are free if we come to your offices.

Alternatively, we are happy to source a venue local to you according to the limitations of your budget and your requirements.