Pigeon Decontamination

Pigeons are one of the most common pests, they love to colonise in large groups in warm areas away from predators and can often be found in tank rooms, ceiling voids, and plant rooms. If left unchecked a colony of pigeons can not only cause long-term, costly damage and unsightly mess but they can also spread dieses which can in some cases be fatal.

Your Responsibility

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations require you to deal with any risks within your undertaking. Colonisation of tank room, plant rooms, ceiling voids and the like by pigeons often creates a serious risk to the health and safety of those who need to work in those areas. It is your responsibility to ensure that such risks, when they occur are eradicated.

Swiftclean pigeon decontamination services

With special PPE Swiftlean decontamination teams will carry out the safe removal and disposal of the pigeon colonisation contaminants including carcases. Areas will be washed down and disinfected to kill off any harmful bacteria. Entry points will be sealed wherever possible to minimise the risk of re-colonisation.

In addition Swiftclean offer:

  • FREE Quotation/Technical advice – Nationwide – call 0800 243 471.
  • All works fully certified and post decontamination reports provided.
  • Decontamination services are offered using fully trained directly employed staff.
  • Method Statements and Risk Assessments provided site specific as required.
  • Decontamination to ensure compliance with current Health & Safety Regulations.

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