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How fresh is the indoor air in your golf club?

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Fresh air is one the main attractions of taking up golf but, once inside the clubhouse, how fresh is your indoor air? Not certain? The Swiftclean team will help get you up to scratch on maintaining the health of your ventilation systems, ensuring that time spent in the clubhouse isn’t undoing all the health benefits of playing.

Clean your ventilation ductwork

The cleanliness of your ventilation system is vital; removing steam, condensation and airborne impurities; and providing an invaluable constant source of fresh air for those relaxing off the course and working in your property.

Good quality indoor air quality is essential for the health and wellbeing of everyone, especially those working in or visiting your property regularly. After all, the only place you want anyone to be under par is on the course.

It is a legal requirement, for the sake of your guests, members and employees, to keep your ventilation system compliant with TR/19, the leading industry guidance document on ventilation hygiene, issued by the Building Engineering Services Association. This means regular cleaning at intervals set out in TR/19 guidelines.  If you don’t comply with the law in this area, you could also compromise your buildings insurance.

Clean air, happy guests

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Clean air, happy guests

By providing expert ventilation cleaning, Swiftclean’s services help you to comply and allow you to focus on the many other priorities that draw on your attention, safe in the knowledge that you are safeguarding guests and employees alike and meeting Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations.

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Kitchen extract ductwork – A hidden fire risk?

The restaurant kitchens at your golf club are central to its success, but they come with a particular hidden risk. Cooking produces airborne fat, oil and grease (FOG), resulting in the formation of grease deposits on the inside of the kitchen extract ductwork which are a serious fire hazard.

Award-winning Swiftclean is one of the UK’s leading specialist Kitchen Extract Fire Safety Cleaning experts, providing full compliance with TR/19, the leading industry document covering ductwork cleaning. Failure to have ductwork professionally cleaned by a specialist, to remove grease deposits, can be perceived as negligence in the eyes of the law, leaving you open to prosecution and uninsured.

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Pouring compliance on cold water

Although golf clubs have many members and guests, all will share the same water supply and, therefore, the same water borne risks. Numerous types of bacteria can be present in water, including the potentially fatal Legionella; neglected tanks are extremely high risk areas for the spread of disease. When conditions in water systems are allowed to deteriorate, legionella and other bacteria can proliferate.

Swiftclean offers water tank compliance services to ensure your system is safe and remains compliant with L8, the approved code of practice and guidance for the control of legionella bacteria in water systems. Maintaining compliance requires regular inspection, the correct standard of cleaning, ongoing monitoring and, where necessary, full refurbishment or replacement of sub-standard water tanks. Swiftclean provides expert support in all of these areas.

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Maintain your local exhaust ventilation

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Keeping your local exhaust ventilation ductwork clean and compliant is vital. Where certain chemicals and other substances are used in industrial and commercial processes, COSHH regulations require that they should either be contained or safely dispersed through a Local Exhaust Ventilation system.  Your LEV must be tested at least every 14 months, more frequently in many cases, to ensure that it is working effectively; and cleaning and maintenance should also be carried out regularly.

You rely on your local exhaust system for reducing the exposure of your workers to dust, fumes and vapour which could be hazardous to their health. Our operatives provide fully compliant cleaning services nationwide and fully certified post inspection reports so you can demonstrate that you have fulfilled your legal obligations.

Clean your ventilation ductwork

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In pharmaceutical manufacturing, the cleanliness of the ventilation system is especially important, as it should provide an invaluable constant source of fresh air for those working with chemicals and potentially volatile production materials.

Good quality indoor air is also essential throughout your premises for employee health and wellbeing, keeping absence levels at the minimum, while promoting good levels of concentration and productivity.

It is good business sense, as well as a legal requirement, to keep your ventilation system compliant with TR/19 the leading industry guidance document on ventilation hygiene, issued by the Building & Engineering Services Association. Swiftclean has over 30 years of ventilation hygiene experience.  All our work conforms to TR/19 guidelines and is fully documented to demonstrate your compliance.

Pressing on with ductwork cleanliness

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Laundry extract systems need special care to ensure that they comply with TR/19, the leading industry guidance document governing the cleanliness of ductwork systems. They should be inspected every six months and meticulously cleaned to TR/19 guidelines if necessary. This is a legal requirement and a specialist task, but all part of the award-winning Swiftclean service.

Commercial laundry equipment and service expert Girbau designs, installs and maintains laundry extract systems and now recommends Swiftclean to provide ductwork cleaning to achieve TR/19 compliance. We also provide full documentation of your compliance and will help you stay compliant too.

Not surprisingly, in an environment in which dirt removal and cleanliness are vital, clean, TR/19 compliant ventilation ductwork is essential for removing water vapour and airborne impurities such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the chemicals used in the cleaning process.

Our highly trained technicians will completely remove all traces of dust, grease or other impurities to provide a safer, healthier air quality for laundry employees, and the kind of spotless finish that professional laundries strive to present to their own clients.

Call us today on 0800 1143 716 for a quote and get started on TR/19 compliance.

Paying attention in class – air quality is key

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For effective learning you need good indoor air quality to help both teachers and students stay alert, so you should also clean your ventilation system as a whole.   This is because normal use of the ventilation system naturally leads to the accumulation of dust, dirt and other contamination.

Providing clean air for building users is also a legal requirement so we provide cleaning in accordance with TR/19, the leading industry document covering ductwork cleaning, as well as British Standard BSEN15780 and the BSRIA BG49/2013 Air Commissioning Guide.  Here are our handy compliance checkers for ventilation systems and air handling units.  Call 0800 114 3696  to get started on the path to compliance.

Ventilation ductwork cleaning for a healthy indoor environment

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The ventilation system has a huge influence on a property’s indoor air quality. A clean ventilation system provides fresher air, which keeps occupants more alert and productive, while helping to reduce sickness and absence levels. Cleaning a ventilation system is an expert task. It requires compliance with TR/19, the leading industry guidance document on the internal cleanliness of ductwork systems. Under the latest version, your ventilation systems must be classified as high, medium or low, according to its usage and purpose; and must be regularly cleaned according to clearly laid out guidelines. Our handy compliance checker can help you find out how often your building needs our help.