Coronavirus hygiene works

This service may also appeal to property managers who are not able to determine whether occupants have recently travelled to Coronavirus critical regions, or who may be vulnerable due to underlying health conditions.

Using full PPE protection, including gloves and masks, our onsite engineers will carry out a full fogging disinfection of any room, area or entire building which may have been occupied by those potentially infected with the Coronavirus. Government advice is that after 72 hours, under most circumstances, the amount of infectious virus on any contaminated surfaces is likely to have decreased significantly. Before this period has expired, however, there is potential to spread the virus.

To eliminate the Coronavirus from a multitude of surfaces within the critical 72-hour period, we will isolate and sanitise the room/building, using fogging equipment which treats every surface within the room/building simultaneously. We use a robust disinfecting chemical, normally used in the fight against legionella bacteria, which also successfully attacks and destroys Coronavirus cells.

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It is essential to use an expert provider for Coronavirus cleaning services. With Swiftclean, you will be in expert hands. Please call 0800 243 471 or email for a free quotation and further guidance.

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Hard surfaces we treat

Swiftclean will treat hard surfaces including light switches, door handles, toilets, chairs, tables, telephones, IT equipment, desks, hand rails and other fittings and equipment. Our methodology also tackles softer surfaces such as furniture upholstery, partitions, blinds, floor coverings and all other surfaces within in each room.

In consultation with your representative we will identify and cleanse all the areas in your property which it is agreed could potentially harbour Coronavirus, minimising the risk to you, your staff and any visitors. Once the COVID-19 virus has been eliminated by this treatment, the room will be safe for occupants to return.

Ventilation system hygiene

In order to help prevent the Coronavirus from spreading through your ventilation ductwork system, we also recommend cleaning your ventilation system with a medical surface disinfectant.

Legionella prevention

We also strongly recommend you do not postpone or delay any scheduled legionella prevention work. Should your property be unoccupied and water outlets unused for any significant period of time, the risk of legionella bacteria proliferation may increase. Please contact us to discuss scheduling legionella prevention work to occur after normal working hours to minimise contact with your own team.

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