Kitchen extract fire safety cleaning for schools and colleges

Educational establishments are characterised by busy terms interspersed with shutdown periods.  On the whole, that’s a pretty good formula for keeping a building that gets some hard wear and tear for most of the year in good shape.

The breaks give the teaching and support staff a bit of a break and the facilities team a chance to make repairs.  But there is one area that all too often gets overlooked – ductwork from your canopy to your fan i.e. your kitchen extract system.

Schoolboy error, if you’ll forgive the expression.

The three golden rules to follow are: Inspect; Clean; Comply

Kitchen extract fire safety cleaning

Would your school or college’s kitchen extract pass an exam?  It’s often out of sight, out of mind, but if you could see the accumulation of fat, oil and grease (known as FOGs) you’d understand the reasons why it’s a legal requirement to carry out inspections and thorough cleaning to strict guidelines on a regular basis.

Compliance also helps to keep staff and students safe from a possible grease-based fire which can spread rapidly through the ductwork, damaging other parts of the building.  Our helpful video sums this up nicely.

How often your kitchen extract needs to be cleaned depends on how frequently and for how many hours each day the kitchen is in use.  Our sliding scale compliance checker  can help you determine whether you’re ahead of the class or in need of some remedial help.

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Water tank cleaning

Water tank cleaning is not a luxury; it’s an important measure in keeping staff and students healthy in every educational establishment – so this could be a good time to get that done too.  Over the course of a year tanks can rust, algae can form or the tank can be infiltrated by vermin; so we recommend conducting a yearly inspection and risk assessment, especially if you’ve made any changes to either the water system or the use of the property.  We have a video which explains more. View it here.

If you’re not an expert, it’s best to consult one who can help you implement legionella prevention measures and establish an ongoing control process.  In a few seconds our online Compliance Checker will tell you if you need our help.

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Ventilation cleaning

Your ventilation system may also need cleaning.  Ventilation cleaning helps to encourage a healthy indoor environment.  That’s important for concentration and learning and it also helps to keep down staff and student sickness and absence, especially all through the winter months, when opening windows just isn’t practical.  Summer is the perfect time for some preventative maintenance.

You can find out more by watching our video online. Click here to view it. 

We have two Compliance Checkers to help you; our Ventilation Compliance Checker and our Air Handling Compliance Checker.

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