Kitchen extract fire safety cleaning

Too many of the nation’s kitchen extract systems are clogged with grease – and that’s a fire hazard. This is bad news any time of year, but in summer, when temperatures rise, risk is heightened.

The answer is simple, and it comes in three steps:

1. Inspect the level of grease in your extract system. Not sure how to measure? Let the experts do that for you.

2. Clean off the grease at suitable intervals. This will require an expert as it has to be done in accordance with TR/19 guidelines, which give a framework for managing fire safety in ductwork. You will need a competent specialist to help you meet your legal obligations.

3. Comply with TR/19 guidelines. That means fire safety cleaning at suitable intervals. How often will depend how much use your kitchen gets all year. Again, an expert can work out a cost effective schedule that will keep you fire safe, legal and compliant. You will also need documentation to prove that you have carried out your obligations in accordance with TR/19. We provide this for you as your evidence which will be essential if you are audited by the HSE or your insurers.

Our handy online Compliance Checker will tell you if you’re on the right track to compliance.

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