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Is your school kitchen grease proof?

Even if you follow the healthiest possible menu, cooking produces airborne fat, oil and grease which result in the formation of grease deposits on the inside of your school’s kitchen extract ductwork. These are an unseen but very real fire hazard. Assessors tell us that if a kitchen fire reaches the extract ductwork, it can be made much worse by grease deposits, which will accelerate the fire and spread it to other parts of the building. Not only can this pose a very real threat to life; having greasy extract ductwork can also compromise your buildings insurance.

Swiftclean is one of the UK’s leading specialist Kitchen Extract Fire Safety Cleaning experts, providing full compliance with TR/19, the leading industry document covering ductwork cleaning. If you don’t have ductwork professionally cleaned by a specialist to remove grease deposits you could be perceived as negligent in the eyes of the law and leave yourself open to prosecution, as well as compromising your buildings insurance policies.

If you know your system needs cleaning, simply call us now on 0800 114 3414. Not sure? Our handy compliance checker will tell you if you need to take action now.

Our other key specialist cleaning services will also help you comply with the law and keep you safe from prosecution:

Fire damper testing

Fire dampers prevent the spread of fire through a building’s ventilation system, so it is a legal requirement that they are regularly tested in accordance with BS 9999:2008. If you don’t know where they are, we can locate and test them for you. Try our compliance checker here, call 0800 114 3414 for help or read more information here.

Ventilation ductwork cleaning

Providing clean air for building users is a legal requirement so we provide ventilation ductwork cleaning in accordance with TR/19, BS EN 15780 and the BSRIA BG49/2013 Air Commissioning Guide.

Call 0800 114 3414 for help on how to achieve compliance and a better air quality that promotes good health, better concentration and learning. Try our handy compliance checkers for ventilation systems and air handling units.

Legionella control and water tank cleaning

Spring and summer school holidays mean warmer, static water – the perfect breeding ground for legionella during shutdown periods. Holidays are also the best time for Swiftclean’s water tank cleaning and legionella control services which comply with L8 guidelines. Not sure if you comply on Legionella control? Check your compliance here or call us on 0800 114 3414.

Local exhaust ventilation cleaning

Another often overlooked area of compliance is the local exhaust ventilation (LEV) system in science laboratories. Swiftclean’s LEV cleaning service complies with COSHH regulations and HSE guidance (HSG 258) to protect students, teachers and technicians from airborne contaminants. Check your current status with our LEV compliance checker here or call 0800 114 3414 for a quote.

Be outstanding on compliance

Compliance in these areas may not be an Ofsted requirement, but it should be a top priority for the health and safety of all school users. We can help you to be outstanding with our award-winning services for schools and commercial buildings.

Compliance should also be rewarded, so if you take two of our specialist services, we’ll be happy to teach your team, free of charge, how to maintain strong and healthy compliance.

Call 0800 114 3414 now or visit Swiftclean Support and we’ll help you get a great report on your compliance.