Kitchen extract fire safety cleaning for restaurants, pubs and cafes

Long summer evenings make the coming months a great time for dining out and you want to maximise profitability this season. The last thing you need is a shutdown caused by a kitchen fire.

The accumulated grease in the ductwork from your canopy to your fan, i.e. your kitchen extract system, becomes more flammable as the outside temperature rises. And fire can spread along the length of your extract system, carrying it to other parts of the building.

The three essential ingredients of safety are: Inspect; Clean; Comply

Kitchen extract fire safety cleaning

It’s often out of sight, out of mind, but if you could see the accumulation of fat, oil and grease (known as FOGs) in your kitchen extract, you’d understand the reasons why it’s a legal requirement to carry out inspections and thorough cleaning to strict guidelines on a regular basis. We explain more in our video, which you can watch above.

Kitchen extract cleaning gets rid of this fire risk and helps you comply with the law.  Compliance also helps to keep kitchen and waiting staff and diners safe from a grease-based fire which can spread rapidly through the ductwork, damaging other parts of the building.

Our compliance checker can help you determine whether you’re ahead of the game or need some specialist help.

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