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Water, water everywhere – but is it safe?

By July 9, 2015Legionella

A healthy water system is vital all year round, but it’s absolutely essential to inspect, clean and comply in summer – because warmer weather means more risk of legionella. In many public or communal buildings, water is contained in large tanks, often sited on rooftops. In the warmer months the temperature of the water also rises. Couple this with a shut down or holiday period when water is used much less and you have the perfect conditions for legionella bacteria; motionless tepid water.

If you’re wise, you’ll also regard this as the perfect timing for tank cleaning and a review of your water system to make sure it complies with the HSE’s 2013 third edition of L8. Not sure if it does? Try our compliance checker here. Still worried? Call us now on 0800 114 3832.