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A lungfull of best practice

By March 26, 2014News

The quality of air we breathe is essential to our wellbeing. The purer the air the better; yet many ventilation systems go uncleaned and neglected for years, despite there being industry standards and guidelines for cleaning them. Keeping tenants happy and committed to caring for their properties means providing an indoor environment in which they can thrive. We’re great believers in applying best practice to ventilation maintenance.

All too often, ventilation systems suffer from being out of sight and out of mind. Even in otherwise well maintained and spotless properties, the ventilation system can go for many years without thorough cleaning. While this is bad practice, and therefore bad news for any large building, it is a particularly pressing problem in social housing situations.

Recently constructed residential apartment buildings usually have separate ventilation systems for the common areas of the building from the individual residential units – but this wasn’t always the case. Most of the social housing stock is older and may well have communal ventilation systems. These may connect kitchens and bathrooms, providing extract ventilation, as well as serving heating and air conditioning systems. In these circumstances, maintaining a healthy indoor atmosphere presents some added challenges for the social housing professional.

Thirty years of experience tells us that the best defence against poor air quality is compliance with best practice – particularly ductwork cleaning to standard TR/19. To find out more, why not book a place at our free seminar at 10am to midday at the University of Stirling on 4th April 2014.