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Air-raising scare stories

By October 30, 2013News

You certainly can’t breathe easily when it comes to uncleaned ductwork, and for many systems, it’s been a long time since they were cleaned, thanks to the economic downturn and spending cuts in both the private and public sectors. But there are legal requirements for cleaning ventilation ductwork, and for a whole multitude their number is up.

If you’ve ever caught your breath at a horror movie, it might have been the suspense of the story, or it could equally well have been poor air quality. Most large commercial buildings have a ventilation system and they all need regular cleaning – not just because it’s a very good idea – it’s also a legal requirement. During the economic downturn, we’ve noticed that this has been one area in which people have tried to economise, by leaving ventilation cleaning until the last possible moment. As it’s quite a large undertaking, this has been understandable, but the problem is that as people change jobs and leave your team, it’s far too easy to overlook the fact that a ventilation system has become overdue for cleaning. It’s not as if it makes a lot of noise or goes wrong if it isn’t done – or at least, that can be the perception. But make no mistake; a dirty ventilation system can affect your indoor quality and that can impact on your workforce and their health and safety.

A spotless ventilation system will extract stale air and deliver clean air, helping to get rid of germs and bugs in the air. A dirty ventilation system not only slows down the air flow and reduces its efficiency at getting rid of impurities; it can positively harbour them, providing a perfect breeding ground.

Let dirt build up and bacteria and germs won’t leave in a hurry; they will simply lurk and multiply in the ventilation system, waiting to re-infect the occupants of the building. We’d be willing to bet that there are some departments in which absence rates have risen since the last deep clean of your ventilation system – especially in winter, when windows are closed most of the time.

An uncleaned ventilation system can become quite an effective way of spreading infection from one department to another. The only answer is regular ductwork cleaning in line with legal requirements, to TR/19 standards.

Our teams are past masters at this, taking your ductwork from menacing villain to knight in shining armour, quickly and thoroughly. We’ll also provide you with accurate before and after evidence and full certification of the clean; so you can rest easily in the knowledge that you’ve fulfilled your legal duties and safeguarded the health of your building’s users.

A simple call to us on 0800 243 471 will ensure that all the help you need is on its way.