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And breathe…

By February 1, 2013News

If you aren’t maintaining a healthy ventilation system, why should your insurer compensate you if employees and service users fall ill due to dirt-laden ventilation?  How can you be sure this won’t happen?

Ventilation is designed to provide a healthy indoor environment for the occupants of a property, so it too is governed by industry standards and required levels of cleanliness.  These are TR19 ‘Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems’ and British Standard 15780, the standards to which we train all our operatives at Swiftclean.

If you want to be sure that your insurance is clear and your air quality is too, your best bet is to call in an expert like Swiftclean.  We can carry out an immediate clean of the ventilation system and set up a regular programme of ongoing cleaning to keep the system healthy for the future.

That way your conscience can be clear and you can sleep easily too, knowing you haven’t compromised your insurance.

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