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Are your kitchens cooking up a fire?

By June 23, 2015News

Whilst current school meals may have moved far from the ‘chips with everything’ days, even the healthiest school meals produce airborne fat, oil and grease from cooking. As they cool, they create deposits on the inside of kitchen extract ductwork which help spread and accelerate fire, making it worse and causing greater damage. They must be removed periodically for safety. As well as causing a risk to life and property, weak cleaning regimes for kitchen extract ductwork can also compromise your buildings insurance.
Swiftclean performs Kitchen Extract Fire Safety Cleaning to TR/19 standards, helping schools to comply with their legal obligations and safeguard their insurance policies. Negligence in this area can lead to prosecution or even imprisonment, so find out if you comply now with our handy compliance checker. If you know your system needs cleaning, simply call us now on 0800 114 3696.