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Breeding something other than success

By May 18, 2015News

Not using a stadium for a few weeks gives you a chance to attend to some running repairs and maintenance that are difficult to address during the season.  But it also means you’re not using water very much; and that could allow legionella to infiltrate your water systems.

As the weather gets warmer and while the water in your tanks and pipes is standing motionless you have the perfect breeding ground for legionella bacteria.

Of course, you will do a thorough clean of the stadium before opening again for the new season.  But this is often after the taps haven’t been run and the pipes haven’t been flushed for a few weeks.  And that means that it will be your cleaners who may bear the brunt of any legionella outbreak when they come in to do the pre-season deep clean.

A legionella outbreak can result in prosecution by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and, for a conviction in a Crown Court, it can mean a limitless fine.  In the case of negligence and a fatality from legionella, it can mean a prosecution for corporate manslaughter for owners, director or managers.

So it really pays to bring in an expert.  Swiftclean is a member of The Legionella Control Association (LCA).  Our teams are expert at legionella risk assessment and control, as well as cleaning to the LCA code of conduct and L8, BSRIA and CIBSE guidelines, giving your property the best chance of being  and staying legionella free – whatever the season.