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BS EN 15780 – What's in a number?

By February 25, 2013News

The one thing every organisation needs in its workplace is a healthy indoor atmosphere, which not only guards against illnesses but actually promotes efficiency and productivity.  How do you get it?  Effective ductwork cleaning, of course.

Until a year ago it was difficult to tell if your ductwork cleaning was effective, because there was no clear benchmark.  That’s why we welcomed the new British Standard EN 15780:2011 Ventilation for buildings – Ductwork – Cleanliness of ventilation systems.  It might not sound exciting, but it was something of a breakthrough.  After all, as ductwork is out of the line of sight, it isn’t easy to check it yourself.  Thanks to the new TR/19 guide, issued under the auspices of the B&ES Association, there’s been a genuine standard against which to measure ductwork cleaning services.

This means you now have the criteria to help you appoint an expert that you can be confident will clean to the required standard.  More than this, all cleaning has to be certified and recorded, so you can be sure that it’s been done and you’ve met your legal obligations.

We were cleaning to this standard before it became mandatory – in fact we helped to formulate the benchmark due to our vast experience in the industry.  We believe that makes us the obvious choice to provide ductwork cleaning to EN 15780, so there’s only one other number to remember – 0800 243 471.  Give us a call.