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Cleaner air, sharper minds

By June 23, 2015News

It is not simply good educational sense to monitor and clean ventilation ductwork, it is a legal requirement. Ventilation ductwork in buildings must be compliant with TR/19, the leading industry document covering ductwork cleaning, as well as British Standard BSEN15780 and the BSRIA BG49/2013 Air Commissioning Guide. We provide ventilation testing and cleaning that will make you compliant and help you remain compliant.

Clear the air at your school by calling 0800 114 3696 for a quote. Use our compliance checker to determine whether your ventilation ductwork is compliant and, if not, get in touch to discuss how Swiftclean will help you with cleaning and putting in place suitable testing regimes.

Everyone in the education sector aims to create an environment where learning can most effectively take place. This is not just true for those who work on the front line, such as teachers, but also for those involved in finance, building maintenance, cleaning and more.

In accordance with TR/19, the leading guidance document which governs ventilation ductwork cleanliness, all ventilation systems must be classified as high, medium or low; the higher the classification, the more often it needs to be tested and cleaned. As a school property manager you need to be aware that whilst the level of cleaning required to make ventilation ductwork compliant is the same in every case, the frequency of cleaning required differs according to the system’s use. Most areas of a school will have a medium classification; a storage area or plant room may only require a low classification. High classifications are normally reserved for operating theatres, intensive care units, highly prestigious buildings, health spas and some science laboratories.

The link between clean air and increased alertness has long been known, whilst stale contaminated air can have an overwhelmingly detrimental effect on the concentration of teachers and students alike. The normal use of the ventilation system naturally leads to an accumulation of dust, dirt and other contamination, so regular cleaning is essential. Clean ductwork means clean air, encouraging a healthy indoor environment where alertness and concentration are more conducive to a positive environment for learning.

We provide complete duct cleaning services throughout the UK, making it simple to ensure that your ventilation ductwork is compliant and the atmosphere of learning is as healthy as it can be. Call us today on 0800 114 3696 for a quote.