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Consume plenty of water – if it's safe

By February 28, 2014News

The immune system normally helps keep disease at bay, but if it is compromised, it can actually foster illness instead. Your building’s water system is a bit like this. You need water to help you clean your premises, but it must be clean, healthy water, or it could help spread bacteria – particularly potentially lethal Legionella. Read our prognosis….

Nursing a compromised immune system back to health requires a specialist. So does keeping your water system clean and free of Legionella bacteria. Healthy people find Legionella an unpleasant, debilitating illness, but for the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions, it can prove fatal.

For this reason, compliance with the law concerning Legionella is vital. The building’s responsible person must ensure that flushing, testing and cleaning are carried out regularly as outlined in the Approved Code of Practice & Guidance L8 and in compliance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002.

Ironically, it can be when you embark on a deep clean that you can run into trouble – especially if your water system has been dormant for a while. The Christmas shut down may have left runs of pipework static over the break. This is slightly less of a risk at this time of year, but once the warmer weather arrives, water temperatures rise with it, and the risk of Legionella infection increases dramatically.

Don’t wait for the spring, talk to us now and make sure you control the risk of Legionella before it becomes a problem. Call 0800 243 471 and our specialists will help you comply.