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Deep breathing – or should you?

By January 28, 2014News

Your ventilation system is like the lungs of your building. Clean air in your building is not only critical to general health but can also affect absence levels, concentration, alertness and productivity. We can help you to ensure you have good air quality. Our prescription….

A clean ventilation system is critical to providing good air quality inside a building. Your ventilation system is designed to remove impurities and bring fresher air from outside to renew the atmosphere indoors, but it can collect deposits of dust, fibres and other impurities such as bacteria. The more deposits collect, the more the flow of air through the ductwork slows down and the greater the risk of impurities becoming airborne throughout the property.

In most properties, air quality will have a direct impact on the lives of their occupants. A healthy ventilation system is essential. In every building it will have an influence on general wellbeing and it can affect recovery times in hospitals and student performance in educational establishments. Keeping the ventilation system clean is as important as keeping lungs healthy in an individual.

Ventilation systems should be cleaned periodically to ensure that the air quality is maintained. This should be carried out by a competent cleaning contractor in accordance with the requirements of the leading guidance document for ductwork cleaning, known as TR/19. Regular testing will help to determine when a thorough clean is needed, keeping the air clear and healthy.

We can help you establish a regular testing and review process and when cleaning is needed, we’ll make sure your ductwork is spotless, so you can breathe easily again. Call us on 0800 243 471 for a free quote.