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Defeating the little devils at work

By October 27, 2014News

While managing a property, you are probably beset with trials and tribulations, but it is important to ensure that they don’t turn into legal trials for you; by fulfilling your legal obligations as the building manager or responsible person. Here are a few tips on defeating those tiresome little compliance devils at work.

Better the devil you know

With changing legislation it pays to keep up to date and it’s absolutely crucial to maintain your compliance in key aspects of property management. In a world in which legislation evolves and updates fairly frequently – and it may well have changed since you last achieved compliance – knowledge is definitely power.

We know exactly what you need in order to comply with TR/19, BSEN15780, L8 and BS:9999, so we can guide you through achieving and maintaining compliance in these essential areas. Call us on 0800 243 471 and we’ll teach you about the Science of Compliance.

Don’t let the devil into the detail

Following the recent changes to TR/19, the leading industry guidance document on ventilation ductwork cleanliness, all ventilation systems must now be classified as high, medium or low. Getting this particular detail right is crucial, as this classification will determine how frequently your ductwork must be cleaned. This applies to ventilation ductwork and also to kitchen extract ductwork. We’ll help you get that all important classification right and establish routine maintenance to keep you compliant.

No fire, no brimstone, thanks

Ignore kitchen extract ductwork cleaning and you’re harbouring a very real danger of fire. Fire can travel through uncleaned ductwork to other parts of the property, spreading the hazard further. We offer a highly cost effective professional fire safety kitchen extract ductwork cleaning service which removes the fire hazard in the form of grease deposits and brings your system up to compliance.

Equally, forget to have your fire dampers tested and there could be the devil to pay. Fire dampers play a vital role in delaying the spread of fire through ventilation ductwork; by closing to create barriers which correspond with the building’s fire-resistance rated walls and floors. Our service includes fire damper drop testing, cleaning and maintenance, leaving you compliant. Depending on the type of fire damper, you will need us to do this for you every twenty four months or in some cases every twelve months. We can help you to establish how often you need our help to stay on the right side of the law.

One call to 0800 243 471 is all it takes to start eliminating those fire hazards. We’ll make sure it isn’t hell for you.

The devil makes bacteria in idle water

Leaving well alone isn’t always the best approach. When your buildings are idle, your maintenance routines should step up. Water systems need regular care to maintain legionella control. This should include risk assessment, water testing and water tank cleaning. After shut down periods such as half term, and particularly after longer breaks, water should be tested for legionella bacteria and flushed through taps and showerheads to avoid health and safety problems. We can provide legionella control helping you to stay current and compliant.

Defeating the devil’s advocate

Should the worst happen and you find yourself the subject of an investigation, you’ll need to demonstrate that you have done all you can to comply with the relevant regulations on ductwork cleaning and legionella control. That’s why our expert services come with post-clean reports and photographic documentation; to give you a full audit trail which demonstrates compliance.

When it comes to fulfilling all your legal responsibilities, compliance will always be the best case scenario – and so will Swiftclean Building Services.

Call 0800 243 471 and we’ll put you on the side of the angels.