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Fire dampers – out of sight, but not out of mind

By August 4, 2015News

In the event of a fire, if the fire dampers in the ventilation ductwork fail to close, there is no barrier to the spread of flames across multiple retail units. In some buildings, the location of the fire dampers has not been recorded, let alone their type or when they were last tested. As, according to their type, fire dampers must be tested and cleaned every 12 months or two years, this can leave you in serious breach of the law. Do you know where your fire dampers are located and when they were last tested?

Swiftclean will locate all of your fire dampers and determine their type, before drop testing, cleaning and maintaining them in accordance with BS9999:2008. We will also provide clear records to enable you to demonstrate compliance with the law and determine when testing needs to take place next. Not sure if you comply at the moment? Try our compliance checker here. Pretty sure you need our help? Call 0800 114 3878 now and we’ll be glad to help.