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Inspect, clean, comply – but can you inspect?

By July 9, 2015News

At Swiftclean, our compliance watchwords are, ‘inspect, clean, comply.’ The first step for all compliance is to check and see if anything needs to be done to achieve full compliance. For ventilation ductwork, the legal requirement is to follow B&ES TR/19, the leading industry document covering ductwork cleaning, as well as British Standard BSEN15780 and the BSRIA BG49/2013 Air Commissioning Guide. To comply with these, checks need to be conducted along the full length of the ductwork and cleaning and maintenance must be carried out if necessary.

So if you can’t get at your ductwork, you can’t check it, which means you can’t comply – even if your ductwork is brand new. But don’t worry, we can help.

Inspect, clean, comply – but can you inspect?

Do you have enough access points? Even brand new ventilation systems can be commissioned with too few access points to achieve recommended levels of cleaning as detailed under industry guidelines. On an ongoing basis, your legal responsibility is to follow the B&ES’s TR/19 second edition on ductwork cleanliness, British Standard BSEN15780 and the BSRIA BG49/2013 Air Commissioning Guide.

However, oddly enough, the design and construction recommendations for access points in ventilation systems are fewer and further apart than those recommended by compliance guidelines for cleaning. The natural outcome of this is that you may need to retrofit additional inspection doors into an otherwise new system at its very first clean. So the irony is, while system designers may be tempted to fit as few inspection doors as construction guidelines permit in order to save on cost, the client is likely to get a larger bill for retrofitting extra doors in order to achieve compliance at the system’s first clean.

At Swiftclean, we retro-fit access points which enable the cleaning ventilation ductwork for compliance; but we are also happy to provide specialist advice prior to design and commissioning of brand new ventilation systems, making maintenance and compliance easier on an ongoing basis. Otherwise, the very first time you try to inspect, clean and comply, you could run into problems.

For technical advice on access points and expert ductwork cleaning in compliance with TR/19, give us a call on 0800 114 3832. In the meantime, why not take a look at our compliance checker here.