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Legionella Control

By September 3, 2015News

Legionella breeds and multiplies in tepid, static water, which is more likely to be found in extensive pipework, plumbing and water storage tanks. Failure to comply with L8 can lead to an outbreak of the potentially fatal Legionnaire’s disease, which can result in limitless fines, prosecution and, in the event of fatality, a possible custodial sentence. Swiftclean’s expert legionella control services allow building managers to focus on the many other priorities that require their attention, reassured that HSE guidelines are fully met and their compliance monitored.

We offer a complete Legionella control, risk assessment and water system monitoring service, tailored to the specific needs of the retail sector. With our team’s expert assistance you can eliminate and control legionella bacteria, becoming and remaining L8 compliant. Swiftclean specialists will assess your water system, eliminate dead-legs in pipework (which might harbour static water), and put in place a strong regime of regular monitoring, providing log books to document your legionella control measures.

Swiftclean is one of the UK’s leading specialists in Legionella Control Risk Assessment, providing full compliance with L8 guidelines for legionella control. Prevention is always better than cure, so call us now on 0800 114 3878.

Not sure if your centre is compliant? Take a look at our handy compliance checker and discover whether you need to take immediate action.