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Lukewarm tales of lurking menace

By October 30, 2013News

If the tales we hear of water were always chilling, we wouldn’t have a legionella problem. But they aren’t. Neither would being in hot water pose a problem. The true potential horror of legionella – and it can be a horror story, leading to fatalities – lies in lukewarm water, the preferred breeding ground of legionella bacteria. But it can be prevented and controlled by the right heroes.

A hero can’t be a hero unless he gets into deep water first, although it’s rare that you think about water itself as a hazard. But it can be if it isn’t monitored for the presence of legionella. Static bodies of water – such as water tanks and dead legs of pipework in which water sits – can become breeding grounds for legionella.

Legionella bacteria causes pneumonia and, sadly can even prove fatal for an elderly person, a small child, or someone with a compromised immune system or underlying medical condition. Even in non-commercial settings, it can be an unpleasant illness needing hospitalisation and of course, that means absences from work, loss of productivity and possibly insurance claims against you for not safeguarding the health of your building’s occupants.

If you haven’t followed all the steps necessary to control and prevent legionella, you may also find your buildings insurance has been compromised and there may be no pay out in the event of a claim.

If that isn’t enough of a nightmare, if negligence is proved against you for not taking adequate steps to maintain water hygiene, you can find yourself facing criminal charges.

The way to tackle this is to have a thorough risk assessment and to identify and put in place the measures you need to eliminate and control the threat of legionella. Our team can demystify this and explain the measures you need to bring any water systems up to standard, removing dead legs on pipework, cleaning or renewing tanks where necessary and showing you how to keep legionella at bay with regular inspections, rigorous cleanliness and careful temperature control.

Most importantly, we can help with informative, accurate record keeping of the measures that you’ve taken to prevent outbreaks. That way, if you need to pass an inspection, or should the worst happen and an outbreak occur, you’ll be able to demonstrate that you’ve fulfilled your legal duties and done all you could to prevent it.

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