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New version of TR/19 to be released in 2014

By October 30, 2013News

The Guide to Good Practice, Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems TR/19 was previously revised in 2005. Over the last 24 months experts at B&ES have been bringing the document in line with recent new British and European standards and current best practice. The revised document has been released for pre-publication consultation.

Our Managing Director, Gary Nicholls is, and always has been a member of the B&ES (formerly HVCA) steering group which has led the discussions over the technical content since the guidance was conceived in 1996. The guidance assists those responsible for ventilation system health and safety maintenance to comply with their statutory duties in relation to maintaining their appropriate cleanliness.

One of the key differences to the guide is the classification of ventilation systems into high, medium and low risk. For example, ventilation to a storage area in a factory is now classified as a lower risk system compared with a ventilation system serving an operating theatre within a hospital and each are required to meet different measurable cleanliness criteria.

It also includes a comprehensive revision of section 7 of the original TR/19 document which relates to kitchen extract fire safety cleaning, it incorporates alignment with the new British and European standard BS EN 15780 and there is the addition of a completely new testing method for general ventilation systems.

Ultimately, for those that follow the guide, this means cleaner, safer ductwork and improved air quality provided by ventilation systems.

The consultation period comes to an end at the end of November with the new version being released in 2014.

If you would like any further information regarding the changes to TR/19 please give us a call at Swiftclean on 0800 243471.