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Playing with fire – and air and water?

By April 29, 2014News

Leisure is meant to be relaxing. But can you afford to relax on legionella prevention or ductwork cleaning if you’re the responsible person for a leisure facility? Not in the least. Hazards can strike while people are off duty, just as easily as they can in the workplace. And they can create more panic, causing greater harm. Better to head trouble off before it starts with effective compliance.

There are, sadly, huge dangers lurking in the UK’s leisure industry. Nobody means there to be, but there are. Take water, for example – that can contain legionella, an illness from the pneumonia family which can prove fatal to the elderly and those with a compromised immune system. Unless it is regularly flushed and cleaned, well-maintained and designed, a domestic water supply in a leisure or holiday facility could be storing up something other than fun for the start of the season. When water has been static for some time and storage tanks start to warm up as the temperature rises, the scene may be set for a nasty legionella outbreak. Not something you want to read about on Trip Advisor.

One of our favourite off-duty occupations as a nation is eating out. Food always tastes nicer when someone else has prepared it for us, we say. However, if we could all see the grease deposits that lurk in the unseen interiors of kitchen extract ductwork, we might not be so keen to linger over lunch or dinner. Uncleaned extract ductwork is a huge fire hazard which can help to spread and magnify a small otherwise containable kitchen fire into a life threatening inferno.

And if you’re hoping for a lung full of fresh air, you might have your sights set on the great outdoors, but with our climate, it isn’t surprising that much of our exercise is carrried out indoors too. We wonder how many gym managers are aware that the state of the ventilation could actually be affecting their member’s health adversely, not positively. You probably don’t think much about the air you breathe in a cinema, theatre or museum either – but we do.

Every commercial or public building must comply with regulations designed to safeguard the quality and purity of the air and water, and to eliminate the risk of fire from uncleaned extract ductwork. The codes and legislation governing how often you need to clean and maintain ventilation and water systems will depend on each property’s purpose and frequency of use. It may be seasonal, and for a lay person, it can be confusing.

Confusion isn’t a legal defence, however, so if you want to ensure compliance and stay on the right side of the law, we suggest you speak to one of our experts on 0800 243 471 for some advice and guidance.

The measures you need to follow to ensure compliance will vary, depending on your building, its uses and its occupants. Whether your property is all about work, rest or play, give us a call now on 0800 243 471 and we’ll be able to tell you what you need, and the most cost effective way of achieving it.

Then you can relax too.