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Something in the Water

By February 1, 2013News

You have legal duties to keep your water systems free of legionella infections.  If it can be proved that you’re negligent about this and don’t follow the industry standard guidelines, you could not only find your insurance is at risk, you could also end up in court!

Because legionella is so harmful – causing a ‘flu-like illness, which can at worst be fatal – the penalties for not controlling it can be severe.   So it isn’t surprising that an insurance company might take a dim view of an organisation which can be shown not to have fulfilled its legal obligations.  It’s a bit like trying to claim on your motoring insurance if you’ve no tax on your vehicle.

The standard for legionella prevention is known as L8, so you must be certain that your water systems are cleaned and maintained to this standard.  Every commercial building should have a ‘Responsible Person’ whose task it is to ensure that the property’s hot and cold water systems are regularly assessed for risk of legionella and that all reasonable precautions are taken to prevent a legionella outbreak.

An organisation which is demonstrated as being negligent can face charges for corporate manslaughter.  If the organisation is found guilty, individuals can also be prosecuted and this could result in imprisonment – and of course, it’s unlikely that your insurance policy will pay out if that happens.

Naturally, you need to be able to prove that you’ve done all that can be expected of you, so the best course of action is to bring in an expert.  Swiftclean can not only provide all the risk assessment and ongoing cleaning and maintenance that you will need to L8 standards, but will also provide documented evidence of this work, in a format that will hold up in a court of law – and satisfy your insurers.

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