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Swiftclean welcomes changes to B&ES Association TR/19 ‘Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems’ document

By February 9, 2013News

Gary Nicholls, Managing Director of ductwork cleaning expert,  Swiftclean, has welcomed the coming changes to  the B&ES Association document TR19 ‘Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems’ TR/19, which bring it into line with British Standard 15780 and European Normalisation.   He commented, “These changes will close the gap between BS EN 15780 – to which Swiftclean operatives have been trained for some time – and the old TR/19, which was a one size fits all approach in an industry where that wasn’t always appropriate.”

“Before the changes there was just one standard to fit all ventilation systems from a store room to an operating theatre, which clearly makes little practical sense.  Happily, TR/19 will embrace the ethos of system quality classification of high, medium or low standard, as appropriate to the use of the ductwork system.   It also stresses the need for cleanliness in new buildings and refurbishment projects.  It is essential to start the life of the ductwork with a scrupulously clean system so that you can maintain it at the intervals advised for each system.”

With BS EN 15780 and TR/19 soon all in sync, it should be easier for responsible persons in building to understand their responsibilities, Swiftclean believes.  M&E contractors, facilities managers and maintenance experts like Swiftclean should all be able to adopt the same approach for each application in the future; agreeing a strategy for on-going appropriate maintenance which will keep the ductwork system clean, safe and fit for purpose.

Swiftclean is one of the UK’s leading experts in ventilation system hygiene maintenance.  For further information, please visit .