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Swiftclean is cream of the crop at Wensleydale Dairy Products

By February 2, 2013News

Swiftclean has completed the cleaning of canopies and ducts at Wensleydale Dairy Products’ visitor centre. Following the completion of the project, Lynn Peacock, HR Manager at Wensleydale Dairy Products said, “We will be working with Swiftclean again, and would recommend them as their prices are competitive, their work is of a high standard and their staff are extremely helpful, professional and friendly”.

“Their understanding of our business made the process a lot easier for us and the project was carried out in accordance to all agreed requirements – we had absolutely no complaints from start to finish.”

The work was led by Swiftclean Technical Sales Consultant, Dean Hobman. “We carried out a survey to clean the kitchen extract system to the B&ES TR/19 guide to good practice. This involved firstly measuring the kitchen canopy, the number of grease filters which required cleaning, the size of the extractor fan and the approximate length of the ductwork for accessibility”.

Dean has over 15 years of food processing experience, having also attained advanced food hygiene, chemical handling and safety qualifications. At Swiftclean, Dean advises clients on Legionella control, ventilation system hygiene and kitchen extract cleaning for fire safety.

“There were health and safety considerations to bear in mind, as a long roof ladder had to be used to reach the external fan, however it was a fairly straightforward project. Two of our staff conducted the cleaning – and we finished the job in one day. Following the ductwork cleaning, we also cleaned the deep fat fryers to give Wensleydale Dairy Products an idea of the kitchen deep cleaning services that we provide,” Dean explained.

With the use of a variety of cleaning methods including extraction devices along with specialised brushes and air jets, Swiftclean can remove all types of contamination and will disinfect where necessary. Many existing duct systems have insufficient access points to enable cleaning; Swiftclean will install access doors at strategic points throughout the system to enable regular inspection, cleaning and where required disinfection to be simply undertaken.

Swiftclean currently works with a variety of food processing companies such as Greggs and AB World Foods.

For more information on how Swiftclean can help your Organisation achive its business and legal obligations please contact us: Freephone 0800 243 471.