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Test the strength of your knowledge

By January 6, 2015News

How strong is your compliance?

In recent years, the law has been strengthened to ensure that building managers comply with a clear set of guidelines and industry codes of practice designed to keep people safe in their homes, workplaces, shops, public buildings like schools, hospitals and prisons; even the leisure facilities that they use.  Obviously, these types of buildings can differ vastly from each other; so does what you need to do to comply.  How strong is your knowledge on compliance?

Fortunately, we’ve made a science of it – we call it The Science of Compliance – because we tailor our services to suit each individual property.  These services include legionella control, ventilation ductwork cleaning, fire damper testing, kitchen extract fire safety cleaning, water tank cleaning and local exhaust ventilation cleaning.

We can support you in formulating strong, legally robust processes and we can help you to stick to them, ensuring that your compliance is strong and healthy.  Why not start by visiting our industry specific advice pages to find out what strong compliance should mean for you?

Or just give us a call on 0800 114 3763 for more information.

Who’s responsible?

In every qualifying building there should be a Responsible Person as defined by the law.  This person, usually an employee of the building’s owner or managing agent, assumes legal responsibility for complying with the law in keeping the building safe and well maintained for its users.

Failing to do so is classed as negligence and that can have very serious repercussions; in the worst cases, this can include prosecution and imprisonment; so you’ll need a strong defence, and strong evidence that you’ve done your best to comply, should the worst happen.

Our handy guide, Your Legal Duties will help.

If what you read makes you concerned, call us on 0800 114 3763.

Strong growth

Already this year, we’ve made some new team appointments, including a new Non-Executive Director.  Malcolm Johnston brings over 20 years’ successful management experience in the UK, Germany and the USA.  He has been working with us for the past few years, using his strategic planning expertise to help us formulate a robust five year business plan to take us into our next phase of development.  He will continue to help as we evolve and grow.