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Warming up to Legionella?

By June 23, 2015News

As the weather warms up and schools slow down for the summer break, legionella becomes a key issue. Did you know that the most likely time for legionella bacteria to multiply is during the summer break? Motionless tepid water provides the perfect breeding ground for legionella, the bacteria responsible for causing Legionnaire’s Disease, a debilitating flu-like illness for fit, healthy people and a potentially fatal one for the elderly, the very young and anyone with an underlying heath problem.
School holidays are also a critical time for active legionella control measures. If legionella is detected, your school must be closed and everyone sent home until the premises are safe again. Prevention, as always, is better than cure.
If you want to avoid health risks and the possibility of prosecution (and the law says that you must) please call 0800 114 3696 and we will help.