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Water systems – all clear?

By January 23, 2017Legionella, News

If your water system has been altered in any way since your last legionella risk assessment, either by removing a sink, basin, or shower, or adding any new facilities, you must, by law, have a new risk assessment. And if your water system is left for several weeks at a time without being used, as it may well be during holiday periods, it is vulnerable to infiltration by legionella bacteria. Do you know how to flush the system through to avoid legionella outbreaks?

Your water tanks must also be cleaned and maintained at regular intervals so that the microscopic water droplets, which are inevitably breathed in when washrooms are in use, are completely harmless.

We can help you establish a strict legionella control regime, from risk assessment to water testing; and we can train your team to keep compliance current too. Tap into our resources by calling 0800 012 5482.