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Whole hearted compliance

By January 28, 2014News

In order to be healthier, dieticians recommend we cut down on fat. The same goes for your property. The fats, oil and grease that build up in kitchen extract ductwork can be even more harmful to a building than they would be in your arteries; not only allowing bacteria to breed more easily but also posing a serious fire risk. So how do you eliminate grease from your building and comply with the law? Get our diagnosis….

Fats, oil and grease collect in the kitchen extract ductwork in cooking areas like deposits in the arteries of a human body, making them sluggish and reducing both their effectiveness and their energy efficiency. But grease deposits in kitchen extract ductwork are more than unhealthy; they’re dangerous.

A significant number of fires in commercial and public sector properties start in the kitchen. In commercial kitchens, which often see heavy use, it isn’t surprising that there will be occasional fires. Forensic fire investigators tell us that 25% of fires are made worse by the presence of grease in kitchen extract ductwork. Some kitchen fires can be brought quickly under control, but if the fire reaches accumulated grease inside the ductwork, this will act as an accelerant. What’s more, you won’t be able to access it to extinguish the fire.

If your grease extract ductwork isn’t regularly cleaned to the guidance laid out in TR/19, the leading industry guidance document for compliance with the responsible person’s obligations, fire can spread rapidly to other parts of the building. This is bad enough in a food outlet, but in a care home, corporate office, football stadium, hospital, school, prison or multiple occupancy residential building, the consequences can be disastrous – in fact they can be fatal.

If you don’t know if you’re compliant, one resolution you should be making in 2014 is to be certain that you are. And this is one resolution you shouldn’t give up on – lives may depend on it.

One call to 0800 243 471 will give you access to the help you need to get your building fat-free and healthy again.