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You may comply – but can you prove it?

By February 27, 2013News

At Swiftclean we talk often about the Science of Compliance – and for good reason. Compliance is your legal duty; be it with regard to Legionella control, kitchen extract fire safety or duct cleaning; but it’s also your best friend and safeguard – if you can prove it.

Compliance alone may not be enough, which is why we refer to ‘science’ when explaining the full implications of complying with regulations on these key areas of property management. Science requires evidence and, in an increasingly legalised environment, so do you.  Therefore, the certification you receive once cleaning has been carried out in any of these disciplines needs to be informative and meaningful.  It needs to be evidence of what has been done, when and how.

Failing to comply in any one of these areas may cost lives.  It may also render your buildings insurance null and void.  It could even, if it can be proved that your company or one of its directors has been negligent, result in your being prosecuted.  Failing to prove that you’ve complied is pure folly – and highly risky.

No wonder prosecutions are rising.  Outbreaks of legionella and fire damage can result in fatalities; and also in millions of pounds of damage and thousands of lost working days every year.  This affects individual companies, but also has an impact on UK PLC.  It also helps to push up insurance premiums – something none of us relishes.

You can’t leave anything to chance.  You not only need to comply, you must be able to prove that you have.

That’s why it pays to call in an expert.  We’re experienced enough to have assisted in formulating some of the key industry regulations for compliance.  You can trust not only that we know how to ensure that you have complied, but also that the certification that we provide for all our work will mean that you’ll be safeguarded should the worst happen.

Contact us today and we’ll be happy to explain how Swiftclean’s Science of Compliance can provide both the service and the peace of mind you need.