Hydrosense Single Syringe test kit

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The Hydrosense Single Syringe test kit enables the testing for Legionella pneumophila SG1 with results available in 25 minutes.

Samples can be taken from water and surfaces with swab kits, looking for biofilms.
The Hydrosense test has been developed and independently validated for use in high risk areas

such as, such as cooling towers, water tanks, domestic hot and cold-water systems, sinks, showers, decorative fountains, whirlpool spas and more.

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  • RAPID – The world’s fastest Legionella test. Get results on-site for the strain of Legionella that causes practically all Legionnaires’ disease cases and outbreaks in only 25 minutes.
  • ON-SITE – Results obtained on-site. Removes risks associated with transportation of samples.
  • SELF-TEST – Simple to use, no specialist training required. One line means that Legionella pneumophila SG1 has not been detected, two lines mean that action should be taken to deal with Legionella present.
  • DETECTS VBNC – Detects VBNC Legionella bacteria, proven to infect but undetectable via the lab culture method.


Single Syringe Test Kit – The most flexible kit in the Hydrosense range.

Sensitivity of 100 CFU/L – Highly sensitive

Includes 1 test

Sample can be collected from any source

Includes tools that allow filtration of water and concentration of bacteria

Part number: 100198

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