Now let’s talk about healthy kitchen ducting in schools!

Your school kitchen produces great food every day; the extract fans in the kitchen draw up the moisture during cooking to keep the air clean. This includes solid particles that stick to the ducting and build up creating a fire hazard. These solids need removing regularly. It’s the law.

If the solids aren’t effectively removed, your building is at risk and also the safety and well-being of your students and staff. They act as a fuel for fires that can rapidly spread through the duct. If it turns out to be the cause of a building fire, you may even be refused by your insurance company to be paid out for your losses.

Like it or not, deposits on the inside of the ductwork can also pose hygiene risks. Your ducting is an ideal breeding ground for certain bacteria and cockroaches. And let’s face it, you don’t want the bad publicity to ruin the reputation of your school and harm the trust that parents and community have in you.

Your daily cleaners won’t be able to reach inside the ducting to clean, though. It’s a specialist job. And here is where we can be of help. Swiftclean team are trusted specialists in kitchen extract duct cleaning working to the highest industry standards to make ducting clean, safe and compliant. We make kitchen ducts healthy for schools around the UK.

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Your Legal Responsibilities

The Health & Safety Executive and industry and insurance guidance and regulations stipulate that kitchen extract systems should be kept clean to minimise fire and other risks. The BESA guide TR/19 ‘Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems’ provides specific guidance on methods of measuring and defining cleanliness as a bench mark for good practice. Swiftclean conducts kitchen grease extract risk assessments in line with RC44.

It is your responsibility to ensure that kitchen grease extract systems (canopies, filters, ductwork, risers and fans) in all commercial kitchens and the like are inspected as required by your buildings insurance policy, in accordance with Fire Safety and Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations. Find out now if your kitchen extract is compliant with the new TR/19 Guide to Good Practice with the Swiftclean Kitchen Extract compliance checker.

Building managers are required to:

  • Identify and assess the sources of risk
  • Prepare a scheme for preventing or controlling the risk
  • Appoint a person to be managerially responsible
  • Implement and manage precautions
  • Keep records of the precautions implemented

Your Quick Risk Assessment

Our handy compliance checkers will help you establish whether you are currently compliant with TR/19.
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