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Face the facts on compliance at The Facilities Show

We don’t always want to think about what lurks in ventilation systems, water systems or kitchen extract ductwork systems, but we should – especially if they haven’t been risk assessed or cleaned for a while. So we’ll be there to help you do that at the Facilities Show – to face the facts and identify the solutions.

Unpleasant fact 1:
Dust and debris in ventilation systems can compromise air quality and contribute to Sick Building Syndrome.
Unpleasant fact 2:
Legionella breeds in poorly maintained water systems, causing potentially fatal Legionnaires Disease.
Unpleasant fact 3:
Grease deposits in kitchen extract systems can spread fires to the rest of your property – and neighbouring ones.

Reassuring fact 1:
Swiftclean’s award-winning services can provide the solution to all these problems.
Reassuring fact 2:
We provide full documentation after all our work, demonstrating your compliance.
Reassuring fact 3:
We are highly skilled and cost effective, with a truly national service across the UK.

We’re happy to talk and to give you expert advice. Register here to see us on stand S1220 at the Facilities Show, or call 0800 012 5309 to chat now.

Together we can face the facts and find the solutions.