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Free expert advice at Hotelympia

29 February – 3 March 2016     Excel London: Stand 4431


At Hotelympia 2016 the Swiftclean team will be at hand to discuss two of the hospitality industry’s most essential issues; compliance in Legionella control and fire safety through kitchen extract cleaning.

Compliance is a powerful weapon with which you can defend your business and your livelihood.  Our expert team can help you avoid the pitfalls and get your house in order.  Contact us today to book an appointment to meet at Hotelympia.

All the advice at Hotelympia is free – make the most of it and get compliant!

Kitchen extract fire safety cleaning – why does it matter?

  • 25% of kitchen fires are made worse by the presence of fat, oil and grease deposits in kitchen extract ductwork.
  • This is a hidden problem: in the most spotless kitchen accumulated grease in kitchen extract ductwork poses a very real fire risk.
  • Fire can use extract ductwork to spread to other parts of the building, or neighbouring properties including homes.
  • The level of accumulated grease which poses a fire threat is less than you would think – less than half the thickness of your business card.
  • Removing this grease regularly is a legal requirement; failing to remove it regularly constitutes negligence.
  • If you do not maintain your kitchen extract fire safety cleaning schedule, your insurance company may not pay out for a fire which involves kitchen extract grease deposits.
  • In some circumstances, using Swiftclean for extract ductwork cleaning may help to reduce your insurance premiums.
  • Failure to remove grease deposits can lead to prosecution or even imprisonment in the event of a serious fire.

Legionella control – what are the issues?

  • Not having a relevant, current legionella risk assessment in place is a legal offence.
  • Warmer weather encourages the growth of legionella bacteria, making the height of the season your highest risk period.
  • Many legionella risks arise in buildings which have undergone a change of use or whose water systems have been adapted over the years.
  • If you’ve added a new basin, removed a bathroom or changed your water system in any way however minor, you need a new legionella risk assessment.
  • Legionella causes Legionnaire’s disease, which can kill. The elderly and the very young are especially vulnerable, as is anyone with a compromised immune system.
  • In the case of a legionella outbreak, negligence can lead to prosecution, limitless fines for the offending organisation and even custodial sentences for the individuals responsible.
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