Over the years we’ve acquired a great deal of expertise and knowledge which we like to make available to clients and prospective clients. How can we help you?

Help Desk

Call us – we’re happy to advise you and we’ll even conduct a free building services audit for you. Call our help desk on 0800 114 3565  with any questions or to set up an audit.

Compliance Checkers

Not all services need to be checked annually, some need it more often than that. Why not start by finding out where you stand on compliance now? Use our handy compliance checkers to determine whether you comply at the moment, or need help fast.

See if you’re compliant here:

Sector by sector support

Swiftclean offers sector specific support. Find out how our team of experts can support you in the sector you operate in by calling 0800 114 3565.

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Swiftlcean Support when you need it

When in doubt – call us! We’re ready to lend support on 0800 114 3565 or contact us using our contact form!