More recently, Gary has been on BESA’s ‘grease panel’ of experts who created the new TR19® Grease specification. This marks a significant milestone in kitchen extract fire safety

Unlike earlier documents TR/17 and TR/19, BESA’s new TR19® Grease is a specification, rather than guidance. There are now two separate BESA publications concerning ductwork hygiene, TR19® and TR19® Grease. The latter has been created in response to the need for greater awareness of the potential fire risk from a non-compliant kitchen extract system and the importance of regular, thorough removal of grease deposits.

One of our Directors was a member of the Executive Committee of BESA’s Service and Facilities Group and the BESA Safety Focus initiative committee.

Swiftclean also helped to draft the BSRIA** guidance document BG49/2013, a risk assessment guide for kitchen extract ventilation.