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One of the most overlooked aspects of fire prevention is the cleaning of laundry extract systems. This is vital for any organisation which processes large quantities of laundry, including laundry service providers, prisons, hospitals, hotels and student accommodation.

At Swiftclean we provide fast, effective and affordable ventilation cleaning services that work to remove the potentially dangerous build-up of lint, dust, fibres and clothing which if left could leave the system vulnerable to a fire outbreak.

Is It Important To Have Laundry Ventilation Ducts Cleaned?

Laundry such as bedding and towels generates a large amount of lint, fibres and dust from the textiles being washed and dried in commercial machines. Over time the build-up of these impurities collects in the laundry extract system itself.

Regular cleaning of laundry extract ventilation helps to;

  • Clear out the accumulation of debris that can cause the system to slow and become less efficient.
  • Remove the highly combustible build-up of material that is a potential fire hazard.
  • Eliminate any blockages of vents.
  • Relieve additional pressure on machinery.

Is Laundry Duct Cleaning A Legal Requirement?

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order of 2005, all building owners have a responsibility to minimise the potential fire risks within any buildings that they manage. This clearly states that fire safety risk assessments must be carried out and kept up to date which includes an inspection of ductwork where there is potential for fire risk and subsequent maintenance to ensure the system is safe.

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    In addition to this, most insurance companies now require proof of dryer duct cleaning, servicing and maintenance. If in the event of a fire, you fail to provide the correct BESA TR19® compliant reports or proof that they were properly maintained then the entire buildings insurance may be in jeopardy and payment of claims could be denied.

    Failure to achieve compliance and maintain clean and safe laundry extract ventilation systems can have potentially devastating consequences and put the property and those that reside within it at risk. In order to keep people safe, protect your business, satisfy insurer requirements and maintain peak efficiency of machines it is crucial that the maintenance, servicing and cleaning is carried out by a reputable, verified company.

    What Does Laundry Extract Ventilation Cleaning Entail?

    At Swiftclean we take action in order to eliminate risk and we work closely with our customers to help fully understand their requirements and offer a tailored solution for their needs.

    Our team of highly trained experts will clean the laundry extract system, removing all traces of lint, fibre and dust particles to ensure that it is fully compliant with Fire Safety and Health & Safety legislation. This can include;

    • Visual inspection, assessment and measuring of airflow.
    • Gaining access to the inside – if this isn’t possible then our experts can install access panels.
    • Thorough mechanical brushing of the ductwork and extraction of lint.
    • A full digital report provided within 5 days of completion.
    • Before and after photos which can be used as proof that you are compliant.
    • A certificate to show compliance with Fire and Insurance requirements.
    • An ongoing preventative maintenance plan which will help to protect your premises If you are unsure about your compliance then why not take a look at our free, quick and easy to use laundry extract compliance checker tool.

    What Swiftclean Can Do To Help

    At Swiftclean, our cleaning specialists are the very best at what they do and work to provide all of our customers with a fast, efficient and affordable service.

    There are so many reasons to choose us, but here are just a few;

    We work to the BESA TR19® specification
    Our Laundry Extract Ventilation services adhere to the BESA TR19® specification and on completion we will provide full certification and reports.

    Dedicated Service
    Our professional team strive to deliver not only results but an exceptional service. We believe in doing it right and doing it well, providing our customers with fair prices on our wide range of services in order to secure ourselves as your partner of choice.

    Expert Hands
    Not only are we experts in the cleaning, servicing and maintenance of duct systems but we are also able to provide repairs and installations of replacement duct system parts where required, helping to provide a comprehensive service all in one.
    If you want to find out more about our laundry extract ventilation cleaning services or would like to speak to someone about your requirements then please do not hesitate to get in touch and one of our friendly, knowledgeable advisors will be happy to help

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    Your legal responsibilities

    Laundry extract systems should form part of the building manager’s fire risk assessment and are covered by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This advises that laundry extract systems should be regularly inspected and the ductwork cleaned in order to prevent fires. Failure to do so may be construed as negligence and may also compromise your insurance cover, as well as impacting your workers’ health and putting them at increased risk from fire.

    Are you compliant?

    Sadly, fires in laundry extract systems are all too common. In accordance with TR/19, the leading guidance document on the cleanliness of ventilation systems, your laundry extract system and ventilation ductwork must be cleaned regularly to remove dust and fibres and therefore eliminate the fire risk that they create.  Laundry systems will be classified as medium under TR/19, so will require cleaning on a regular basis.  How often this must be carried out will depend on the work load and frequency of use, so it will be important to work out the optimum cleaning intervals to ensure that the system is compliant and the fire risk is removed.

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