Kitchen Canopy Cleaning

If there is a vertical canopy skirt running around the canopy, this must also be cleaned.

The main point of accumulation of grease in a commercial kitchen extract system is in the canopy plenum, located just behind the filters and this may need cleaning more often than the rest of the ducting. The canopy filters itself should be cleaned on a regular basis, at least every seven days. This allows hot air and grease to pass more quickly through the extract system and exhausted to the exterior. Canopy drip trays should also be cleaned at least every seven days, although this may need to happen more regularly if the cooking style produces high levels of grease.

The cooking appliances must not be used for cooking while the canopy filters are removed as this leaves any accumulated grease in the plenum unscreened and presents a serious fire hazard.

Dishwasher canopies also require regular cleaning to remove accumulated grease and to maintain hygiene.

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    Your legal responsibilities

    TR19® Grease states that the person responsible for implementing cleaning routines should clearly understand the component parts of the system. They have a responsibility to ensure that each part is compliant with the property insurance and any warranties on the system itself. These often require the canopy and plenum to be cleaned more frequently than the ducting.

    The responsible person must ensure that each part is compliant with TR19® Grease, or they could, in the event of a fire, be subject to prosecution for negligence. If negligence is proved, there are severe legal penalties. We can help by providing fully TR19® Grease compliant cleaning services and/or testing the system for grease levels which are fully documented to provide evidence that you have taken all the measures that you should in order to ensure compliance.

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