Explore the Hoom Technik ventilation ductwork brushing machine range

Our exclusive Hoom Technik range of ventilation ductwork brushing machines have been specially designed to improve indoor air quality and fire risk control by thoroughly cleaning ventilation and kitchen extract ductwork systems. They are an invaluable aid to achieving and maintaining compliance with TR19® and TR19® Grease.

These are products that we use in our specialist ventilation ductwork and kitchen extract fire safety cleaning work, including an award-winning kitchen extract fire safety cleaning project with a major fast food franchise. We have no hesitation in recommending them for use by ductwork cleaning specialists throughout the UK. To enquire about purchasing any of the following bestselling products, or any items from the Hoom Technik range, please email equipment@swiftclean.co.uk or call 01702 533058.

Brushing machines:


The MODEL L is a highly efficient heavy-duty brushing machine for cleaning long runs of ventilation ductwork of up to 20m and with a width from 100 – 800 mm. MODEL L can be used for removing dust, lint and other small debris, as well as grease deposits in kitchen extract ductwork.

Can be used with a selection of removable brush heads and interchangeable flexible shafts of up to 20m.


The MODEL S is a lightweight, easy to handle suitcase style brushing machine, for ductwork from 100 – 600 mm. The MODEL S is invaluable when cleaning at height or reaching some hitherto inaccessible parts of a ductwork system. It can be used by a single technician working alone.

May be used with a number of interchangeable brush heads according to purpose and a range of flexible shafts of up to 23m.

Pneumatic brushing machines:


The MODEL XL25 is a pneumatic duct cleaning machine for use with ventilation ductwork in large premises with sizeable ventilation systems. Pneumatic brushing machines are recommended for use with heavily stained or contaminated ductwork. Recommended for use with round or square ductwork with diameters 300 – 1200 mm and for runs of ductwork of up to 25m.


The MODEL XL40 is a pneumatic brushing machine, recommended for use in removing dust deposits from heavily soiled or stained ductwork. The MODEL XL40 has a reach of up to 40m, making it ideal for large ventilation systems in large premises. Recommended for use with round or square ductwork with diameters 300 – 1200 mm.

Duct Inspection Robot:

The Hoom Technik Duct Inspection Robot, can be used to examine the interior of ductwork systems. Remotely controlled by a tablet or joystick, it is recommended for use in horizontal ductwork stretches, and has a reach of up to 23 metres. The Duct Inspection Robot provides remote photographic or film recording of the interior of round or square ductwork. It can explore straight ductwork with no turns with a minimum diameter of 250 mm. It can also explore ductwork with turns in its configuration, with a minimum diameter of 350 mm.

Vacuum Collection Machines:


The MODEL S3400 Vacuum Collection Machine is used to remove detritus loosened by a Hoom Technik brushing machine.  Using a powerful vacuum, the S3400 extracts the debris dislodged after cleaning with a brushing machine, removes and contains it, leaving the ductwork clean and compliant with TR19®.


The MODEL L5800 is a user-friendly Vacuum Collection Machine, complete with filters, for the easy and efficient removal of detritus from a ductwork system that has been cleaned using a Hoom Technik brushing machine. The MODEL L5800 is recommended for use in premises where high flow and air filtration is necessary.


Brush heads and shafts

There is a wide range of additional or replacement brush heads according to the ductwork being cleaned. These range from highly flexible to stiff and robust, depending on the nature of the ductwork to be cleaned. Also included in the range are Hoom’s selection of flexible shafts of varying lengths and flexibility and for a range of purposes, according to the individual cleaning project.

We would be delighted to answer any of your questions about the Hoom Technik range. Please email equipment@swiftclean.co.uk or call 01702 533058 for further information about anything from this exciting range.

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