Water System Monitoring

Water system monitoring 1

Once Swiftclean have conducted a Legionella Risk Assessment, in which they will identify the level of risk within your property, they may recommend a water system clean/refurbishment and continued monitoring.

Building managers are provided with a water system log book, either a paper or an electronic version, which is used to store the records of Legionella control monitoring tasks carried out, this would include;

  • Weekly flushing of little used outlets
  • Monthly temperature test results or representative outlets
  • Quarterly descaling of shower heads and spray taps
  • Annual inspection of calorifiers
  • Annual water storage tank inspection
  • 24 monthly legionella risk assessment review
  • A Water Hygiene Surveyor will visit the site at regular intervals to ensure that risks are kept in control.

Temperature and conditions will be compared with parameters detailed in L8. If conditions are identified which could possibly lead to the growth of legionella bacteria then recommendations will be made to minimise the risk. Training can be given to your staff to enable them to carry out certain periodic monitoring tasks.

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