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Swiftclean expands new Coronavirus prevention services

Ventilation ductwork cleaning expert Swiftclean has already expanded its new deep cleaning services to combat COVID-19 Coronavirus, in response to demand. In addition to its recently announced ventilation ductwork deep cleaning, the company’s new environmental cleaning for hard surfaces has already been expanded to treat entire rooms and buildings with both hard and soft surfaces, using fogging technology.

Fogging is a reliable method of distributing medical sanitising chemical across a wide variety of hard and softer surfaces. Says Gary Nicholls, MD of Swiftclean, “With this methodology we can treat hard surfaces including light switches, door handles, toilets, chairs, tables, telephones, IT equipment, desks, hand rails and other fittings and equipment. This method also effectively tackles softer surfaces such as furniture upholstery, partitions, blinds, floor coverings and all other surfaces within in each room.

“This is ideal for areas where there has been a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, but it may also appeal to many building managers as a sensible precaution where essential staff must continue to attend the premises and as a safeguard before the full team returns to properties which are currently empty while employees attempt to work form home.”

The two new services are a cost-effective way to strengthen hygiene best practice to combat the spread of Coronavirus, says Nicholls. “Many of our customers are choosing to add a ventilation surface deep clean at the same time as scheduled TR19® compliance clean, which we can do for very little additional cost. We can also provide ventilation deep cleaning with a medical surface sanitising chemical as a one-off clean, which is a sensible precaution against the airborne COVID-19 Coronavirus.  Our environmental deep clean fogging service is also quite a cost-effective way of ensuring that there are no virus cells remaining on surfaces once staff return to work, or to protect essential personnel who are still required to attend work in person.”

In order to provide these services, Swiftclean is diverting engineers from less time-critical ongoing maintenance services; however, the company advises strongly against delaying scheduled work on legionella prevention. Legionella bacteria, which causes the potentially lethal Legionnaire’s Disease, tends to proliferate in static water. “If your premises are currently unoccupied, or under-occupied, with water outlets which are normally in use being left idle, it is crucial that you follow essential flushing and testing routines, especially as the warmer weather arrives.

If you have scheduled legionella work, don’t postpone it, but do make sure that social distancing and safe working practices are followed so it can be delivered in safety. If necessary, reschedule your legionella work for completion out of hours, but don’t delay it or put it off until after the current crisis – we don’t know when this will end. Legionella risk is elevated by higher ambient temperature and we are now moving into our warmer months of spring and soon summer. The last thing we need as a nation is a series of legionella outbreaks in addition to the Coronavirus epidemic.”

Swiftclean can be contacted on 0800 243 471 or by email at for further advice and a free quote.